Facilitating opportunities to support and connect communities, build resilience and increase collaboration
April 11, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
pin 700 E 4th St
La Center
WA 98629
La Center United Coalition


La Center United meets every month to work on building resiliency in our community while simultaneously reducing youth substance abuse.

At this meeting you can join us in gaining a deeper understanding of trauma, stress, and adverse childhood experiences (ACES). Together we will learn tools and strategies for building resiliency.

At the end of this training participants should have:
• Learned a deeper understanding of trauma and stress.
• Gained an understanding of ACES and its relationship specially to vulnerable children.
• An understanding of Ginsberg’s Model of Seven C’s and other factors that promote resilience in children and families.
• Learned tools and strategies for building resilience in families and children.
• Learned self-care for professionals.

Dr. Amy Stoeber is a licensed a licensed psychologist who works with children and families of all ages, birth through young adulthood. She owns a private practice in Clackamas, Oregon where she focuses on early childhood issues, teen adjustment issues, family stress, trauma and a variety of other mental illnesses that affect children and families. She is a former statewide trainer for The Department of Human Services and now work with Children’s Health Alliance to promote wellness for children of all ages in pediatric settings. Working with children and families is a passion of hers, and she especially enjoys the opportunity to provide training and support in both large and small group settings.

This event is open to all communities.
This event is free.

If you have any questions please reach out to Coalition Coordinator, Angela Johnson, or 360-952-3488