Facilitating opportunities to support and connect communities, build resilience and increase collaboration
April 2, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
ESD112 Columbia Room
2500 NE 65th Ave.
Christopher Belisle

Greetings Coordinators,

This meeting occurs monthly on the 1st Thursday at ESD 112 from 9:30-11am. We will especially focus this year on planning for Teens Care Too Summit.

I look forward to connecting with you all. Please stay tuned for an agenda and meeting reminder. Bring breakfast- food is welcome!

If you are unable to attend please send me any agenda items, announcements or accommodations I can provide.

Events include:

  • 9-5-19 in Columbia room
  • 10-3-19 in Columbia room – Let’s go to brunch instead?
  • 11-7-19 in Columbia room
  • 12-5-19 in Pacific room – Let’s go to brunch instead?
  • 1-9-20 in Columbia room – Not first Thursday because of Holiday
  • 2-6-20 in Columbia room
  • 3-5-20 in Columbia room
  • 4-2-20 in Columbia room – Let’s go to brunch instead?
  • 5-7-20 in Columbia room
  • No June meeting – instead join the picnic on 6-11-20 from 4:30-6:30pm (setup at 3)