Secure Cannabis Campaign

Secure your Cannabis

We’re partnering with Budtenders, Herbtenders and retail stores to keep cannabis secure.

Protect Young Minds

Most Washington and Clark County teens are not using cannabis, yet 1 in 3 Washington State 10th graders and 1 in 3 Clark County 10th graders in 2021 said cannabis was easy to get. To protect young minds you can know the Washington laws, start talking with youth about underage cannabis use and keep cannabis secure.

What Counts as Secure

Out of reach, out of sight, labeled right and sealed up tight. Securing cannabis keeps small children and teens safe from accidental ingestion.

Secure Your Cannabis is an award winning campaign shared across Washington, the United States, and even in Europe. In 2020 the campaign received the Washington School PR Association (WSPRA) Best in Category Award for Special Purpose in Districts over 10,000 students. The campaign was also featured during the National Public Health-Marijuana Summit in 2020. 

Spread the Word

Everyone who purchases cannabis can secure it or store it in a locking device so youth are not able to access or accidentally ingest it. Partnering with retailers and all who purchase cannabis products is the best way to get the word out. We’re excited that trusted Budtenders and Herbtenders are talking with customers about health and safety.

We’re sharing our resources, process, tools and more so other communities can implement this project. Click the links below to spread the word.

Secure your cannabis
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Secure your cannabis
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Downloadable Materials

Ways to Secure

Standard Drawer or Cabinet Lock

Purchase a quick and easy to install Steel Cam Lock at your local hardware store or online. A Cam Lock can be mounted to metal or wood doors and drawer panels using a few simple tools.

Magnetic Cabinet Lock

These clever Rev-A-Shelf Rev-A-Lock magnetic locks are invisible from the outside of the cabinet. Once installed, the cabinet door can only be opened by placing the powerful magnetic knob-like “key” on the outside face – in just the right spot. Lock assembly can attach to wood, glass, metal, and particleboard cabinets.

Combination Medicine Lock Box

Safer Lock Box Secure Medicine Box with 4-Digit Combination Lock is certified child-resistant with a user friendly, food grade hard plastic design that fits multiple medicine bottles and locks with a 4-digit combination code of your choosing. Safer Lock Boxes can be a portable option or can be securely mounted to a closet or cabinet shelf using a couple nuts and bolts.

Standard Steel Bank/Cash Box

Use a standard bank or cash box like the Honeywell Cash Management Box for locking up medication. The boxes are made of steel, come in different sizes with a removable slotted tray, and can be a portable option or can be securely mounted to a closet or cabinet shelf using a couple nuts and bolts.

Medication Lock Box

The Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box can hold up to 6 different prescription bottles and fits perfectly inside a standard medicine cabinet or can be securely mounted to a shelf by using the included mounting hardware.

Safe Box

Keypad locking safes are a secure and easy way to keep your medicine safe and loved one free from harm. For example, the Tenamic Safe Box is a cost effective option with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

Money Bag with Lock

A more discreet and easy-to-store option is a money bag. Cannabis can fit in a small locking device typically designed for money or pills.

Child-Safe Mason Jar

This product with a child-proof lid is another option to store easily on higher shelves in the kitchen or closet. A better option is to paint the jar so kids can’t see through it to what’s inside, but it is a great option for convenient storage that isn’t hard or inconvenient for adults to open.

Cabinet Wall Lock

You can also secure cabinets this using a locking device hooked to a connecting wall. This gives lots of storage for all your supplies and needs without needing a key.

Rectangular Money Box

Store products and supplies in a box originally designed for money but fits lots of paraphernalia that may not fit in a smaller medicine box.

Large Fridge Storage

This box can fit in your fridge and secure all your valuables in a convenient location.

Connection is the best prevention.

Conversations create connection. Anyone who cares about kids and teens can have accurate, open, and nonjudgmental conversations about how cannabis impacts teen brains differently than adult brains. Visit the resources below and learn about talking with youth.

Secure Your Cannabis is a community prevention and education project/point of purchase campaign for adults. We need the whole community to make a difference. Washington prevention coalitions partner with youth, parents, local cannabis retailers, communications professionals and more to find better ways of educating and supporting our community. We created this project so cannabis retailers can have educational materials about safe storage and responsible use.

Cannabis Conversations Toolkit

For parents and trusted adults.

Friend to Friend Toolkit

For teens talking to teens.

Making the Connections Toolkit

For people working with youth.

Know This About Cannabis

In 2012, voters approved Initiative 502 decriminalizing retail cannabis use/sales for adults 21 or older in Washington. There’s lots to know about the laws, but we’ve got you covered. For more detailed descriptions visit the Washington State Know The Law website. Information below is adapted from Know This About Cannabis

How To Talk With Kids

Kids are telling us that parents and trusted adults (that’s you!) are the greatest influence on their decision to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We’re urging adults to talk honestly and openly with youth about cannabis, health effects, and potential consequences of underage use.

We put together a Cannabis Conversations toolkit to help get you started. You can also visit Start Talking Now for resources on talking about all different substances, like alcohol and smoking and establishing clear expectations with kids.

56% of Clark County 10th graders, and 58% of Washington 10th graders in 2021 said their parents talk with them about not using cannabis. (down from 61% in Clark County and 60% of Washington in 2018). Let’s boost this number!


A Buyers Guide

Adults 21 and older can purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer. Washington voters recognized that at 21 you’re an adult and can choose for yourself. When you buy from licensed producers, you’re getting products that have been tested for quality assurance.

Your Budtender or Herbtender can show you visually how much you can purchase as once. It ends up being:

  • 1 oz. of useable cannabis like harvested flowers or buds.
  • 16 oz. of cannabis-infused, solid edibles such as candy, brownies, crackers, mints, and more.
  • 72 oz. of cannabis-infused, liquid products like teas and juices.
  • 7 grams of cannabis concentrate including things like dabs and oil.

16% of Clark County and 18% of Washington tenth graders said they’d used cannabis in the last 30 days when surveyed in 2018. Using or possessing cannabis is illegal under the age of 21 unless medically authorized. That includes sharing cannabis with anyone underage, like your friends or family. This has a lot to do with crucial parts of the brain continuing to develop until the mid-twenties and is for their protection.

Know Before You Grow

You’ll need to get medically authorized or licensed by the State of Washington to grow and produce cannabis. Without these permissions, growing cannabis plants in Washington state is illegal. Ask your Budtender or Herbtender how their store started this process.

Where to Consume Cannabis

While medical and retail cannabis use is legal in Washington, there’s laws on where you can and can’t use it.

You can use cannabis in private places, but not in public. This includes anywhere that’s in view of the public or has a smoke-free policy. Check with your landlord or property owner too- they can regulate use or possession.

It’s against policy to use retail cannabis on any public or private college or university campus. Ask your residence about how they regulate or enforce these policies.

It’s illegal to use on federal lands or parks.

Safe Driving

2% of Clark County and 2% of Washington tenth graders in 2021 reported using cannabis within three hours of driving (down from 9% in 2018). 12% in Clark County (down from 17% in 2018), and 9% in Washington (down from 19% in 2018) said they rode with a driver who had been using cannabis.

When it comes to the car, cannabis should stay in its unopened package and out of reach.

Driving a car, motorcycle or operating a boat under the influence is illegal. You should wait several hours after smoking or eating edibles if you’re going to drive.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, the number of drivers testing positive for multiple substances reached the highest point in history in 2013 and has increased every year since. Combining alcohol use with cannabis use greatly increases potential for harm.

Even if you’re only along for the ride it’s illegal to use cannabis as a passenger.

Thank you retailers and community organizations for making this project possible:

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