What We Do

We strive to be a connector for all youth substance use prevention efforts in Clark, Klickitat and Skamania counties.
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Prevention Initiatives

Initiatives help us reach specific audiences and achieve important outcomes. The two initiatives below describe different lenses through which we develop campaigns, materials and prevention tools. Prevention strategies for these initiatives are tailored for their unique community needs.

We believe that local problems require local solutions and by working through the lenses of Youth Now and the Rural Communities Project, we’re able to engage our audiences in ways that create lasting community change.

Youth Now Prevention Initiative

Youth Now is an initiative of Prevent administered though ESD 112. Youth Now is funded through the Washington State Department of Health, Dedicated Cannabis Account Funding.

Over a thousand Clark and Skamania teens supplied the voice and direction for the initiative’s youth-focused campaigns. This information was used to completed a marijuana community needs assessment. See the summary of that report below.

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Rural Network

Prevent implements initiatives in rural communities across Washington State. Activities include mapping rural populations, in-depth needs assessments, developing prevention tools tailored to rural needs, offering professional development, media campaign development and more. Efforts are funded by the Department of Health Youth Marijuana Prevention & Education Program (YMPEP) grant.