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Tools & Resources

Youth & Teen Resources

Youth Now is a resource for youth and teens to learn science-based realness about drugs and alcohol, and how they affect your brain and body. Additional resources include how to talk to friends as well as ways to cope.

The Youth Empowerment Project is a community-based group with the goal of empowering youth to overcome obstacles and build resilience.

Parents Resources

We know it’s not easy to talk to kids about substance use and abuse – especially your own kids. That’s why we’ve developed age-appropriate materials as well as links to external resources to help you talk to your kids about drugs. It’s time to start the conversation.

Provider Resources

We’ve developed research-based training materials for providers to use as tools to connect with youth and teens about topics including: stress, brain development, coping and risk factors, costs of early substance abuse, as well as information about e-cigs, vaping and marijuana. 

School Resources

As school administrators, counselors and educators, you play an important role in a student’s life. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of research-based materials to use as tools to educate yourself as well as connect with youth and teens about vaping.

Rural Resources

The Rural Network is a group of volunteers and leaders across Washington building resiliency and safeguarding youth. The group is focused on producing materials and guides for rural prevention specialists to be able to use in their communities.

Prevent Campaigns & Toolkits

We believe “local problems require local solutions.” That’s why Prevent has partnered with numerous community partners to develop grassroots campaigns for prevention. These campaigns were developed in collaboration with local leaders, youth volunteers and communication experts at ESD 112 for raising awareness and reducing youth substance misuse. Prevent is uniquely positioned to help create capacity for community coalitions by providing these campaigns and relates assets free of charge.

Locks Save Lives

This campaign prevents youth opioid abuse by encouraging adults to use lock boxes for their prescription medications. Ease of access is the #1 reason youth misuse prescription drugs. A toolkit is available that includes a collection of high-quality downloadable materials for use by prevention coalitions and community organizations in their communities.

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Find Your Good Toolkit

The campaign aims to promote healthy activities and positive interactions between youth, to help youth recognize there are other choices than using substances.

This toolkit is part of our Youth Now initiative and materials are available to download at the Youth Now website.

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Secure Your Cannabis Campaign

Most Washington and Clark County teens are not using cannabis, yet 44% of Clark County and 49% of Washington tenth graders in 2018 said cannabis was easy to get. To protect young minds you can know the Washington laws, start talking with youth about underage cannabis use and keep cannabis secure.

This campaign was developed to deliver prevention messaging and a call to action directly to cannabis consumers and is developed in partnership with prevention professionals, educators, health care providers and cannabis retailers.

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Cannabis Conversations Toolkit

The Cannabis Conversations toolkit gives tips to adults on starting prevention talks with youth about marijuana. These conversation-starter ideas are open to all adults including parents, educators, healthcare professionals, aunts, uncles, youth leaders and more.

This toolkit is part of our Youth Now initiative and materials are available to download at the Youth Now website.

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Making the Connection Toolkit

The Making the Connection Toolkit provides interactive modules that reveal the connection between ACEs, toxic stress, brain development, and youth substance use. The toolkit helps educators engage youth with realistic examples, current science, and engaging activities to help youth make personal connections to the material while building resilience and coping skills.

This toolkit is intended for parents and adults to present to the youth they work with, mentor, or care for and is part of the Youth Now initiative.

Toolkit Usage Agreement

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Additional Campaigns & Toolkits

In addition to the campaigns developed by our community, the campaigns below are quality, credible and evidence-based materials that may also be beneficial to share.

Choose You

Let’s be honest, being a teen isn’t always easy. When life gets stressful, it’s important to stay true to you. Focus on the things that matter and find healthy ways to cope that work for you. When you need to unwind, choose you and avoid vapes which contain nicotine and can harm your health and mental well-being.

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Starts with One Campaign

Opioids are now one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths in Washington State. More people die from overdose than from car crashes. The Starts with One campaign is designed to inform and educate young adults, their parents, and older adults about the dangers of prescription drug misuse and the importance of safe storage, use, and disposal.

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#outofthepicture Campaign

Underage drinking prevention public education campaign

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The Medicine Abuse Project

The campaign emphasizes the importance of medication safety conversations with children, safe disposal of medications, and securing all medications properly.

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Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit is a theory-based, evidence-informed educational resource aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of tobacco products. This toolkit contains a set of modules focused on tobacco, addiction, youth development and more.

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Cannabis Awareness & Prevention Toolkit

This is a theory-based and evidence-informed resource created by educators, parents, and researchers for preventing middle and high school students’ use of cannabis/marijuana.

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Alcohol Awareness Toolkit: #ProofIsInTheNumbers

To raise awareness about alcohol-related harms and the importance of alcohol policy safeguards, NWPTTC launched the Alcohol Awareness Toolkit: #ProofIsInTheNumbers.

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Parents Guide to Fentanyl

There is a significant risk for today’s generation because of fentanyl. It is a deadly hidden threat. Fentanyl-laced drugs are extremely dangerous, and the average person is unaware their drugs are laced with fentanyl. Parents, guardians, educators, and anyone responsible for children must rely on drug prevention education to safeguard children and teens from this growing threat.

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Prevention Clearing House

The University of Washington clearing house is a resource for downloading and ordering campaign materials. 

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CPP Exam Flash Cards

Looking to take the Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) exam? When preparing for the exam, ALWAYS refer to the official website and study guide materials. As an additional, UNOFFICIAL tool, we’ve created a set of flash cards that can be used to supplement studying. These include a variety of vocabulary terms and concepts taken from the official guide. 

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Rethinking College Drinking

A statewide effort to prevent underage drinking in Washington among college students ages 18-20. The campaign offers suggestions for healthy alternatives to using alcohol for stress, boredom and to be social.

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Under the Influence...Of You Campaign

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is relaunching a statewide campaign, Under the Influence…Of You, to encourage influential adults to talk to the teens in their lives about the risks and consequences of using marijuana.

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Take Down Big Tobacco

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids has published a webhub of resources and action opportunities, to mobilize youth towards policy actions to address youth tobacco use. 

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National Prevent Week Toolkit

By hosting an event during NPW, you can help raise awareness about the importance of positive mental health and substance use prevention. Access and download SAMHSA’s Planning Toolkit for templates, tools, and support. 

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Focus On You

The campaign for college-aged students emphasizes the importance of being alcohol-free through this phase of life.

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Start Talking Now

The campaign for parents to share resources, information, and referrals on how to talk to kids about substances.

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Weed to Know Campaign

Weed to Know is a campaign to help provide you with the who, what and where of responsible use in Spokane County (adaptable for any community). Retail marijuana use is legal for those ages 21 and over in Washington state and therefore Spokane County. If you choose to use marijuana, it’s important to know the laws, potential risks and how you can help prevent underage marijuana use.

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Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative aims to have all youth and young adults reject tobacco through education, tobacco control research and policy studies, and community activism and engagement.

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You Can Toolkit

You Can, the next evolution of Listen2YourSelfie, encourages young people to pursue their future dreams and immediate personal goals – and helps them to see that marijuana may distract from those dreams and goals.

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PTTC Network

The Prevention & Technology Transfer Center offers training and professional development for coordinators and volunteers in Washington.

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Getting Candid

A campaign and toolkit of resources for framing the conversation around youth substance use prevention.

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