Statewide Prevention in Rural Communities

What works in rural communities across Washington State? Together we'll find out.
Assessment Part 2: Healthy Youth SurveyAssessment Part 1 Executive Summary

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Prevent Resources

Below are some recently created resources. We are still working on more! Review our project timeline and check back with us.

Needs Assessment Report

Click here to access the Executive Summary of the Needs Assessment Report.

Click here to access the full report describing what is happening in rural Washington as it relates to community needs, public health, and youth substance use prevention.This report shared data gathering in a community survey, from multiple community listening sessions, key informant interviews, literature reviews, and synthesized public health data from Washington State, OSPI and more. This report does not necessarily serve to analyze the data or recommend practices based on the data but instead serves as a library where all our findings are located in one place.

Map of Rural Communities

Prevent defines “rural” as areas with a population of less than 10,000 people and at least one hour driving distance from nearest city. Click here to download PDF versions of the maps. Click here to access the Mapping Task Report. Rural areas are indicated in green.

Partner Resources

We look forward to developing a library of valuable rural resources over time.

ONDCP Rural Community Toolbox

Federal resources that can help rural communities become strong, healthy, prosperous, and resilient places to live and work. Find resources to address Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and the Opioid crisis.

Advancing Tobacco Prevention in Rural America

In the United States, rural communities bear a disproportionate burden of health harms related to commercial tobacco use. In response to this persisting public health problem, rural stakeholders have shown energy and creativity in generating and implementing solutions.

NW Hospitality

The main goal of Northwest Hospitality is to alleviate suffering and show compassion to homeless neighbors through simple, effective programs. They aim to encourage participation in local services that can help bring people out of poverty. 

Rural Youth Engagement Toolkit

This tool kit was created by CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) to address substance misuse issues in their communities and achieve positive community change through comprehensive strategies with a focus on policy and advocacy. Webinar overview. 

Federal Rural Resource Guide 2018

Produced by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in 2018, the Federal Resources for Rural Communities helps address substance use disorder and opioid misuse.

Rural Action Guide

The Rural Community Action Guide, produced by ONDCP, aims to educate the public by providing an overview of the key challenges rural communities face when addressing the consequences of prescription opioid misuse and the use of illicit substances. Read pages 42-48, and the Rural Action Guide Factsheet.

Teen Link

You’re not alone. There is someone that’s willing to listen to you without judgment. Teen Link is a program of Crisis Connections that serves youth in Washington State.

Teen volunteers are trained to listen to your concerns and talk with you about whatever’s on your mind – bullying, drug and alcohol concerns, relationships, stress, depression or any other issues you’re facing. No issue is too big or too small! Calls and chats are confidential

List of Prevention Acronyms

Learn more about definitions and acronyms that are commonly used within the prevention community. 

Rural Resources for Washington State 2017

This Rural Resources Directory was produced by Partners for Rural Washington and is intended as a go-to resource for rural communities and residents.

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