The Statewide Rural Network

“A gathering of rural people who support youth in their journey to whole health.”
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Connecting and supporting rural Washington to build resilience and prevent youth substance misuse.


Healthy, thriving rural communities free of substance misuse. Together we’ll discover what strategies work in rural areas.


A gathering of rural people who support youth on their journey to whole health.

What We Do

How We Do It


Who We Are

The Rural Network is a group of volunteers and leaders across Washington building resiliency and safeguarding youth. We’re parents, youth, school staff, business owners, medical professionals, law enforcement, government workers, faith-based organizations, and more.

The Rural Network is an initiative of Prevent, funded by the Commercial Cannabis & Tobacco Prevention Program (YCCTPP) of the Washington State Department of Health. Huge support comes from the fiscal agent, Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112).

Who We Serve

Collectively, we represent the voices of rural populations across Washington. Leaders from rural areas guide our work and create our goals. We’ve identified areas on the map below as our primary population for gathering data, but ultimately we are a resource for:

  • Those who self-identify as “rural,”
  • Those who might be new to rural areas and want to learn how to integrate,
  • Those who reside in more urban or suburban areas but are tasked with serving rural needs and want to learn how to do this appropriately.

Rural areas are indicated in green. For this project scope, rural is defined as an area with a population of less than 10,000 people and with at least 1 hour driving distance to the nearest city/urban center.