Prevention in Rural Communities

What works in rural communities across Washington State? Together we'll find out.
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Connecting and supporting rural communities in Washington to build resilience and prevent youth marijuana use.


Healthy, thriving rural communities free of marijuana misuse. Together we’ll discover what prevention and education strategies work in rural areas.


We are led by rural voices. We are data-driven, inclusive, connected and trauma-informed.

Who We Are

The Rural Communities Project is a group of volunteers and leaders across Washington building resiliency and safeguarding youth. We’re parents, youth, school staff, business owners, medical professionals, law enforcement, government workers, faith-based organizations, and more. Together we’re convening a network of rural voices and developing supports to meet population needs.

The Rural Communities Project is an initiative of Prevent, funded by the Youth Marijuana Prevention & Education Program of the Washington State Department of Health. Huge support comes from the fiscal agent, ESD 112. Prevent has been connecting and supporting communities since 2003. Additional initiatives are funded by state and federal grants, made possible by volunteers like you.

What We Do

We’re identifying key populations in Washington, assessing the unique risk and protective factors rural communities face, developing tools and supports, uncovering the greatest gaps in prevention/education resources and seeking to bridge these gaps. Together we’ll discover what works and what doesn’t with prevention in rural communities.

Review the current, upcoming and future projects tabs below for our project timeline.

Who We Serve

We represent the voices of rural populations across Washington. Our first task is identifying specific areas classified as “rural” to offer service, support, and prevention tools. Multiple factors are being considered including population, population density, access to services, commuter distance, existing resources and more.

Meeting Schedule

Rural Network Meetings:

Office Hours for questions, support, Technical Assistance and more:


Rural teens learn to use their voice during advocacy training.
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Project Timeline: March 2020 – June 2020

  • Establish program contract with Department of Health  – Feb. 25th, 2020
  • Launch Rural Network (Rural Cross Sector Advisory Panel) 
  • Develop Strategic & Action Plans
  • Map Rural Communities
  • Staff & partner training
  • Fill vacant sectors
  • Building capacity & readiness
  • Establish website and media projects.
  • Develop a Qualitative Needs Assessment Tool
  • Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis

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Project Timeline: July 2020 – December 2021

  • Develop a Steering Committee
  • Develop a Quantitative Needs Assessment Tool
  • Quantitative Data collection and analysis
  • Charter, Mission, Vision
  • Full Needs Assessment Findings Report
  • Program training and capacity building
  • Brainstorm media campaign.

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Project Timeline: January 2021 – June 2021

  • Compile rural resource list
  • Develop online resource library
  • Begin monthly Technical Assistance calls
  • Assess cultural competency of Department of Health YMPEP program
  • Refine & test media campaign
  • Program evaluation
  • Partner recognition
  • Translate all media materials
  • Assess training needs
  • Program promotion presentation
  • Offer professional development opportunities.

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Minutes (Notes taken during the meeting):


Our Resources

These resources are currently in the works. Review our project timeline and check back in with us later!

  • Map of Rural Communities
  • Needs Assessment Findings
  • The Rural Toolkit
  • Rural Education Campaign
  • Working Effectively with Rural Partners
  • Toolkit for youth advocacy promotion.

Partner Resources

We look forward to developing a library of valuable rural resources over time.

We’re proud to collaborate with the following organizations in order to implement prevention strategies across Washington. We look forward to seeing this list grow!

Rural Network

This team of rural partners across Washington State implements the Rural Communities grant from Department of Health. Members from uniquely rural perspectives share insights, needs, strategies and develop tools for prevention professionals in Washington. The team of diverse community sectors uncovers needs, offers support, and amplifies the voices of an important population. Contact

Technical Assistance

Our staff specializes in supporting contractors and providers to better serve members of rural communities. We reserve monthly office hours for technical assistance, consultation and strategy development guidance. Have a question about rural needs or priorities? Want to know how best to serve your rural partners and community members? Schedule an appointment. Contact

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee members take their volunteerism and support to the next level by offering guidance, strategic insight and implementation support to program staff. This team plans the Rural Cross Sector Advisory Panel meetings and events, ensures implementation fidelity and performs process evaluation. Representatives from key sectors help make our program effective and efficient. Contact