The Statewide Rural Network

“A gathering of rural people who support youth in their journey to whole health.”
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Rural Network Outputs

Over the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year the Prevent Rural has contributed to the following outcomes:

37 Counties Represented

37 Counties Represented

Statewide Meetings

Newsletter Subscribers

145 News Subscribers

Decision-Maker Meetings

Hours Donated

130,127 Media Reach

11 Trainings Offered

Coalition Award of Excellence

Coalition of Excellence Award

Recruitment Toolkit

Recruitment Toolkit

New Partners

Youth Survey Assessment

1 Youth Survey Assessment

Technical Assistance Consultations

27 Technical Assistance Consultations

Reports & Documents

Outcomes One-Pager Year 1

Annual Report Year 1

Outcomes One-Pager Year 2

Annual Report Year 2

Annual Outcomes Presentation Year 2

Outcomes One-Pager Year 3

Annual Report Year 3

Annual Outcomes Presentation Year 3